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I'm a Vancouver-based multimedia journalist with a passion for audio storytelling.

And I try to make everything sound like music to your ears. Except Justin Bieber. 

(But why?)


Live radio is cool

[6:04 mins]

In summer of 2018, I was an intern at CBC Radio's afternoon show On The Coast. The team sent me out to an ice cream shop to see how Vancouverites were basking in the early rays of summer shine. What followed was a fun live-hit with the owner of Earnest Ice Cream and show host Matthew Lazin-Ryder. This was my first-ever live-hit for CBC Radio — and the most memorable one.


Brothers divided

[5:45 mins]

This video explores how the people of Abene, a town in Senegal's resource-rich Casamance region, are divided over a foreign-owned fishmeal factory. These factories have earned notoriety for turning local fish into powdered products to be used as fodder in poultry and other farms. In the video — that I produced, scripted, voiced and edited — you see how the factory has pitted two brothers against each other, and how one man is protesting with music. 



The Fish You Don't Know You Eat

'The Fish You Don't Know You Eat' is a multi-media investigative piece of journalism that looks into the hidden costs of seafood, specifically the environmental and social impacts of 'fishmeal factories'. As a fellow of the Global Reporting Program at UBC Journalism, I was part of a year-long collaborative project that looked into how the fishmeal industry is impacting China, Peru, Senegal and The Gambia. As a field and video producer, my reporting focussed on how foreign-owned fishmeal factories are creating social strife and disturbing fishing communities in Senegal. Our reporting featured on NBC News Nightly as a documentary. The project won the Emerge Media Awards, Canada's premier recognition of student journalism. 

View the full multi-media project here.

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