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December, 2019

The Fish You Don't Know You Eat

Field and video producer on an award-winning project that investigates the hidden costs of fishmeal factories in West Africa and across the world's shorelines.

Immigration friendships

June 24, 2019

Early and diverse friendships lead to better income for immigrants

A CBC story delving into a Statistics Canada study that found that new immigrants benefit economically with strong community and friendship ties. 

Cricket for all.png

July 13, 2019

Cricket for all

A CBC story about university researchers who used computer-assisted algorithms and designs to create a cricket bat made of cheaper wood, but produces just the same results. 

Siri scam

August 17, 2019

Siri, don't call a travel agent

A CBC story that looks into a spate of incidents where travellers are duped into scam calls when they're dialled through 'smart' speakers. 

WUSC Scholarship.png

August 27, 2019

Golden ticket and culture shock

A CBC story that explores a rare scholarship that allows refugee students to start over in Vancouver, and how they're overcoming cultural differences to chase their dreams. 

Grouse Grind

June 25, 2019

19 times in 19 hours: Man holds new Grouse Grind record

Man? More like machine. Wilfrid Leblanc scaled the calf-numbing and soul-crushing hike in Vancouver — all for a good cause.

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