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I am nothing if not your average immigrant looking to fuel the economy with meaningful work.


Here are some of the skills I can bring to your project — whether it's a podcast / audio documentary, video project or a piece of journalism and storytelling in need of an able producer:

  • Producer (local and foreign reporting)

  • Field producer

  • Voice-over

  • Podcast scripting

  • Podcast sound design and mixing 

  • Interviewing

  • Tape Syncs

  • Video editing

  • Writing

Here's some of the gear I have:

  • Zoom H5 audio recorder

  • SHURE SM58 cardioid microphone - with windsock

  • Mic table stand

  • Olympus WS-852 voice recorder / dictaphone

  • Headphones - two pairs

  • Snacks

  • Proficient at Adobe Audition, Hindenburg and Adobe Premier Pro

  • I have a relatively sound-proof closet space where I record voiceovers

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