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March, 2020

Teamistry podcast by Atlassian

Story producer for a podcast that shines a light on the teams behind extraordinary accomplishments — from the astronomers who photographed the first Black Hole to the engineers who prevented another disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant. 

Losing Someone.png

January 14, 2017

Losing Someone

Produced and voiced an audio story that follows the journey of an international student in Vancouver who travels home to visit his family, only to witness his life change dramatically. 

Skype ban.png

June, 2018

Skype got banned, but my mom got smarter

A personal audio story that looks into how a ban on internet calling apps in the U.A.E disrupted and reshaped the bond with me and my mother. This project won CBC's Alexis Mazurin Award.

Ice Cream.png

Summer, 2018

Ice cream craze in warming Vancouver

My most special moment on live radio — when (as an intern) I reported on how Vancouverites were embracing warming temperatures with ice cream. This was my first live hit for radio, and thankfully, not my last. 

Musician in the Desert

April, 2018

This Canadian Life: One Man Band

Editor and sound designer on a group assignment that follows the ups, the downs and the magic behind an independent musician in Vancouver. 

Kite Flying.png

Summer, 2018

Kite flying: lessons in life

A fly-on-the-wall report on a man flying a kite in the breezy and balmy summer of Vancouver turns into a philosophical reflection.

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